City of Worley

Address: 9936 W. E Street, Worley, ID 83876
Phone/Fax: 208-686-1258

The City of Worley provides its residents with water, sewer and garbage collection services (every Wednesday morning).

Garbage collection is REQUIRED within the City of Worley’s service area. Garbage collection is scheduled for each Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. GARBAGE MUST BE SET OUT AT THE STREET BY 8 A.M. TO INSURE PICKUP.

32 gallon size or smaller cans with lids will be accepted (no heavy metal barrels). Garbage MUST BE BAGGED. Bigger than 32 gallon size cans will be charged at the 2 can rate. Do not set garbage in boxes or bags of any kind on the ground. Any scattered garbage will not be picked up.