Panhandle Health District

The Panhandle Health District serves Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone and Benewah Counties through numerous public health programs and services.


Kootenai County
8500 N. Atlas Rd
Hayden, ID 83835
(208) 415-5100 (Main), Toll-free: 1(800) 878-2364
Other North Idaho locations

Report a public health risk: of Norht Idaho

Environmental Services protects public water system of North Idaho.
Erik Ketner, Program Manager – (208) 415-5220

Contact Environmental Services:

  • Kootenai Co.: (208) 415-5220
  • Benewah Co.: (208) 245-4556
  • Bonner Co.: (208) 265-638
  • Boundary Co.: (208) 267-5558
  • Shoshone Co.: (208) 783-0707

Environmental Programs include Water Protection and Solid Waste programs, and Septic Permits and Records.

Water Protection Programs – Water is the most important natural resource on Earth. Protecting water used for human consumption, such as for drinking, cooking, and hand washing is of utmost importance to Panhandle Health District. Our highly trained Environmental Health Specialists inspect and manage critical materials, drinking water, non-domestic waste water, shallow injection wells and water from the Rathdrum-Prairie Aquifer.

Critical Materials Program

  • Most new and existing businesses located over the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer are required to report chemicals they store or use onsite, including paint, oil and fuel, by completing a Commercial/Industrial Application form. There is a fee to cover the cost of reviewing this information and starting a file on the facility. An Environmental Health Specialist will conduct biennial inspections and provide technical assistance to businesses that use chemicals at their facility.EXEMPTIONS:The following categories of businesses are not required to submit a Commercial/Industrial Application form:
  • All residential uses including apartments, senior retirement complexes, etc
  • Churches
  • Food service establishments–convenience stores with fuel sales must complete a Commercial/Industrial Application
  • Child-care centers
  • Small additions and internal remodels of facilities which do not use or store chemicals
  • Office buildings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Rental storage units intended for personal belongings
  • Home occupations which do not use or store chemicals, defined by Kootenai County as: An occupation, profession or craft which is customarily incidental to be carried on in a dwelling place and not one in which the use of the premises as a dwelling unit is largely incidental to the occupation carried on, and which occupation is carried on by an immediate member of the family residing within the dwelling place.