Spokane Riverkeeper

Address: 35 W. Main Avenue Suite 300  Spokane, WA 99201logo8-srk
Website: www.spokaneriverkeeper.org
: Jerry White, Jr.  jerry@cforjustice.org
Phone: 509-835-5211  Fax: 509-835-3867
Rick Eichstaedt, Center for Justice Executive Director / Riverkeeper Attorney ricke@cforjustice.org
Make a Report: Pollution Hotline – Report Pollution or illicit discharges entering the Spokane River

Spokane Riverkeeper is a for-impact program of the Center for Justice dedicated to protecting and restoring the health of the Spokane River Watershed. We accomplish this by collaborating, educating, and, when necessary, litigating to preserve the Spokane River’s health now and in the future.  Our goal is for a Fishable and Swimmable Spokane River.

Riverkeeper is a vigilant guardian of the Spokane River and its watershed and an effective advocate for the restoration and preservation of the river’s ecological health and aesthetic integrity. As a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance  movement,  Riverkeeper’s first priority, day-to-day, is to defend the river against pollution and polluters.

The long-term vision of Riverkeeper is to restore the river to its natural state, undiminished by human activities that cause pollution or divert water from the river, especially during low seasonal flow periods. Our mission recognizes that protecting the river and securing its future as an ecological and spiritual resource for the region is best secured by working with current allies and enlisting new allies in the causes to which we’re committed.